When there's a will....

there's a timeout for your favorite toys. Robby has refused to brush his teeth since Wednesday night. It's Friday, folks. I have placed all of his favorite cars, some favorite legos and his beloved camel all in timeout over the last two days asking:

"Would you like to brush your teeth and have all of your toys back? Or will they stay in timeout?"

His response: "Stay in timeout. Oh, and look, Momma. Here's one you forgot." (while handing me another car)

My friend told me that this was a good sign - he says he is developing his ability to say No that will help him  in the long run. When it really matters to say No - to drugs, strange men with candy, etc.

All at a small cost of not choosing to brush his baby teeth that he will eventually lose. Hmmm. I never thought I'd have to teach good hygiene quite like this. Love that two year old will. May it be directed at justice, mercy, the oppressed and plain old goodness as an adult.

Any guesses as to how long and how many of his toys will be in timeout? Wanna make a Robby March Madness bracket and place some bets? Any other parenting suggestions? Next I'm thinking a favorite snack and some more privileges until he decides to brush his teeth.

Here's the timeout nook (doesn't really go with my decor....but sometimes we are all punished by another's poor choices):