Thought of the Day (and a personal request)

What a story about Nella, eh? I know, I know. Amazing and honest and sweet. Overheard parenting thought of the day from a 50-year old father in a life group with younger parents. One person said to him "you've got great kids, you're just lucky."  He looked back at that person, almost offended and said, "Lucky? This isn't luck at all, this is a result of years and years of hard work!"

It feels like such HARD work many days. But, hey, whaddajob. To raise little human beings - little people - with thoughts and creativity brewing and laughter and love to give to this broken, busted world.

Speaking of raising children...if you are the prayin' kind....I would love for you to join me over the next few days that we would specifically make a baby. :) Is that weird? That you know I'm ovulating? And that the ovulation kit said I was? Too much? Oh well, good people. You can just plug your ears and Lalala your way outta this post......