I've sensed a sweet freedom coming on lately.  I feel a bit lighter, more free, embracing the life we have and not wishing for another. Or to change it. Or to be someone else with more kids, or a baby, or anything else, really. It feels like a sweet gift right now. I want to open it, keep it alive and well, all watered and pampered.

I have enjoyed a lot of giggles and laughs and TONS of kisses (should I be wondering about that oedipus complex about now?) and funny statements from Robby.

I have also enjoyed my time on campus a lot lately. Women are face to face to me asking: "How do I start to know God?" Or messages that include: "I'm so lost!!!!!!!!!" (there were even more exclamation points)

And I have also sensed a great freedom in using some other gifts God has given to me. I have had the privilege (and responsibility) of crafting a co-message with my pastor at Brookside Church. Kevin has been so fun to work with; he asked me to write and speak on the role of wives as followers of Jesus. Whew. No small potaters, here, good people.

After a lot of reading and writing - we delivered it this morning. We are doing a series titled: Building Blocks: Foundations for Marriage and Families. And it's already up online to watch! (I'm overly amazed at technology. And I sleep with a graphic designer. Doesn't seem to matter.)

So, if you find yourself with an extra half hour, an extended nap from your toddler or a really long smoke break - have a peak.

Kevin and Amy: Wives

And just for kicks - this is the view from my front porch right now. Robby and I planted then last Fall. He reminded me this morning: "I dug those!"