Book Review Day!

I could read to my kids all day long.
Cars and Barbies? Kill me.
Books? Voices and characters and snuggling? Yes and Amen.

Today's book review is for the Littles around our ankles and for the tenderness in their heart. And let's be honest - it's for us big people. Aren't we always learning things from kid books? No shame here. We now all know cheetahs are the fastest land animal (70 mph) and peregrine falcons are the fastest in the air (up to 200 mph). Some facts are more riveting than others, to be sure.  

And this little book has taught me a simple truth or two. It's a counting primer book that adds up to 10, revealing 10 different truths or facts about God, Jesus and His word. Simple and sweet and soul-building. 

Something I love about teaching bible verses or facts to our young ones is that it's all kindling. It's kindling that we can build up in their hearts slowly over time.  And then when they grow old enough to want to take hold of their own faith - God's Spirit will light these truths on fire and they will come to life for them!

This book is kindling for our kiddos. 

Each page has a number that corresponds to foundational truths like the eight Beatitudes that Jesus taught on His sermon on the mount. Our kids can be hiding truths in their heart because of books like these. Along with lovely and colorful illustrations, this is a sturdy board book that can stand the test of toddlers.   

Baby Believer Primers are intended to partner with parents as they teach children the central tenets of the Christian faith and pray that their children may never know a day apart from the Lord.
— Catechesis Books

I am thankful for simple, soulful authors and artists that partner with me in parenting. This would make a great shower gift for friends and family as well as your own children's library.  

Kuddos to author Danielle Hitchen and artist Jessica Blanchard! You can purchase Bible Basics and shop more here.


Amy Seiffert