This Summer We Need Things With Capes

Capes. I didn't get one. 

But some things in this world wear one. They come from Jesus and they wear capes and they help my life.  And it's summer and all my people are home and I am banking on these heroes. 

6 Things With Capes: 

1. Kroger ClickList. This is where you select your groceries online and you go and pick them up and you have NO MORE MELT DOWNS from your Littles. They put every bag in your car for you. You don't ever get out. Your kids don't get out. No one gets out. But what about some other human being choosing my produce, you're asking? This is important. I know. But I am telling you - it is worth it and my produce was just fine. I hardly know what I am doing anyway with the picky melons and their soft spots. I chose my time to come pick up my groceries. It is $5 to have a shopper do this for you. I am never grocery shopping again. Your list is saved, too, for next time. I'm telling you - ClickList wears a red bold flowing cape! So does Amazon Prime Pantry. Because right now, grocery shopping is hard.

2. Popsicles. I keep a ton of these bad boys in my freezer for the neighborhood friends that are in and out of my house in the summer. (Costco wears a cape). Everyone cheers when they get one! Kids stay outside a bit longer and they are cooled down a bit and everyone wins. I'm becoming the Popsicle Mom and who doesn't want that title?!

3. Grandparents. We got away for 24 hours and my marriage has never felt better. Where do they get their magical energy? They showed up and their capes could not be more beautiful. I highly recommend finding a way to leave your children for 24 hours once a year or maybe every 6 months. Babysitters and Family Friends wear capes too. 

4. Afternoon Coffee. I'm a mom who happens to have ADHD and why have I not been doing this for the last decade?! It saves my life. It gives me focus. I'm better for it. You're saying "Duh" right now. I know. Me too. 

5. Minimalism. I reduced all the toys in each of my three children's rooms to one bin. They all fit in there. So room clean-up is easy:
1. Put everything in your bin in your room.
2. Put your clothes in the laundry.
3. Make your bed.
Wham! A clean room in minutes! I have given my 5 year old daughter only 12 outfits this Spring and the clothing battle is gone. We have also greatly reduced our basement and living spaces and kitchen. Less to deal with makes Momma (and humans) happy. Yay minimalism and your shiny cape! (So far no one has asked about the edited toys and their whereabouts). The weird thing about Minimalism is that it's actually hard work. It's hard work to keep things from coming in your house and it's hard work to take things out. But I am enjoying the reduction.  

6. Naps. These are not just for babies and toddlers. These are for big people. You can leave any shame about them at the door. Maybe it's a power nap or maybe it's 1.5 hours. You might just need to lay down and recharge. When our bodies are tired, so are our emotions. A nap might be the most spiritual thing you do all day. My toddler's nap wears a cape and so does mine.

Thank you Jesus for Things With Capes.

Maybe you have a Thing With A Cape you'd like to share? Please do. We all need help.