Comparison is the thief of joy.

True story.

Comparison steals joy and leaves us empty, looking around, and asking what happened.

There's much debate about who actually penned these words - was it Teddy Roosevelt or Mark Twain? Is comparison the thief of or the death of joy?

Either way you slice it - it's poison. 

Comparison cannot be our compass. Constantly looking left and right will give you a headache, too. It's dizzying and destructive.

Let's quit. Who's with me?

I quit. Quit comparing. Quit looking at everyone around me. Quit thinking that my gifts aren't really valuable because they don't look like hers. Quit thinking that her success is my failure. Nope. It's success and that's beautiful and let's celebrate each other. 

Instead of looking to the sides - I'm looking up.

And when I look up - everything changes. We see a King who is THE BEST THING EVER. Who said - "Yep, they are one messy, broken, busted up people. And I'm coming for them! I just love them!" He is full of love, mercy, grace - everything pales in comparison to Him.

Well, if we all quit comparing - now what? We can't just leave that little space in our hearts all empty and longing, lest we start comparing again. When smokers quit smoking, it's all suckers and gum. 

Let's try celebrating. I think it might be a good replacement. A good practice. If we are looking up, we celebrate the King. If we happen to look around - celebrate others. Isn't it a blast when you get celebrated? Making people feel like a million dollars - that'll fuel your day and theirs. 

Celebration is the fuel of joy.  

Have fun with this Friday's Freebie, sweet subscribers. There's getting to be quite a few of you! Love you all. 




Amy Seiffert