Spring Soul Cleaning Day 1

Do we have any people-pleasers reading along? Anyone? Yes, I see you in my boat. Glad I'm not alone. A good friend said the other day, “In every decision or action you make, you will disappoint someone. The quicker you accept this, the better it goes for you.”

My fears. My failure. My history. My personality flaws. My baggage. 

If we base our identity on all of our issues, all of the waves that threaten us, our ship is sunk. We will spend all of our time bailing water, blaming others, and barely keeping everything afloat. No one wants to live like this.

What if instead of sinking with a wave-based identity, our ship stayed secure with an anchor-based identity? What if the only thing under water was a firmly attached anchor, fixed to a rock that won’t move? What if we had an anchor-based identity? One that is firm. Steadfast. Rock-solid?

We are going to spend the next five days in Psalm 18. Take some time to read this psalm on your own several times this week. I am praying that this psalm speaks to you, gives a fresh word, and a new perspective. And right from the start of the psalm, we see truth about God that anchors our souls in a way nothing else can: 

I love You, O Lord, my strength.
The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,
My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge;
My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised,
And I am saved from my enemies.
— Psalm 18:1-3

My rock. My fortress. My deliverer. My shield. My stronghold. 

Wave-based identities shift and change and are tossed about. Anchor-based identities simply don’t budge. Because our anchor doesn’t move. No matter how big the wave, how long the storm, or how severe the current. 

If we anchor our ship to the King, we own some immovable truths about God, found right in Psalm 18:

  • God delivers me from my enemies of past hurts and past words.
  • God shields me from the flaming darts of the evil one.
  • God fortresses me from the opinions of others. 
  • God fastens me to His never stopping, never giving up, always and forever love.*
  • God steadies my pulse and my feet and my heart. 
  • God will not be moved. 

We also own some immovable truths about ourselves:

  • I am a son or daughter of the Most High King. 
  • What is His, is mine, like a fantastic father would have it.
  • I have access to faith, hope, love, joy, peace, righteousness and so much more. Right now. And forever. I can ask for it. 
  • I am fought for and loved fiercely by the King.
  • My Father finds me delightful.
  • I am safe in the fortress called: God.


Instead of allowing our ships to sink, let’s allow God’s truth to sink in. Let’s have anchor-based identities that withstand the waves of doubt, fear, and insecurity. Let’s believe in God’s truths and bank on our identity in Him. 

Write one of the truths about God and one of the truths about yourself in your phone or your planner today. Refer to it often. Find yourself sitting secure and anchored throughout the day. 


Dear God, please help us. Help us to believe truth about who you are and truth about who we are. Increase our faith, because we often believe we are the sum of our mistakes and brokenness, when we are, in fact, inseparable from you love. Help us believe that we are loved, have access to all that is Yours, and are safe in You. Steady our hearts when unexpected waves hit us today. Help us to have anchor-based identities. Based on Your strength and not our own. Amen. 



*Thanks to The Jesus Storybook Bible for teaching me so many things right next to my children. 



Amy Seiffert