Episode 15 | Tackling Tough Topics: Anger with Lori and Amy

What does an extra toe, the butter to potato ratio in mashed potatoes, and throwing shoes have in common? THIS episode! We are talking Thanksgiving AND tackling tough topics. Today: Anger, among other shenanigans. If there’s one topic we could talk for days about, it’s anger. But let’s be clear. We aren’t here to rant. We are here to recognize anger and reel it in. So what do we get angry about? What does it look like? And how do we manage this every day common emotion? Let’s talk anger. And resources. And tips and tricks. One of Amy’s favorite books on this topic (along with counseling!) is Controlling Your Anger Before It Controls You by Gregory Jantz. We are certain everyone can relate to this episode, no matter your stage of life or your season. Enjoy!

Amy Seiffert