More redemption

is happening 'round here. Next up: our second floor bathroom. We are back to the olden days. One downstairs toilet right now. The whole upstairs bathroom has been gutted and now is fully rewired and updated. The plumping is done and the ceiling is in. The new window has been applied and we are going to work on the tile around the tub. How could we EVER do this without friends lending their time, talent and service? Thanks Matt, Steve, Mike, Josh...a Dairy Queen blizzard is hardly a thank-you, I know. We are awash in your generosity.

It is now day 6 of no shower/tub. Whatsagirltodo?

I keep a well stocked trunk of shower items, towels, change of clothes for whomever will take us in our neighborhood. We are vagabonds, lurking around the streets of Bowling Green, pining for soap and water. Our backyard pool has been the best $20 we've spent this summer - now functioning as a tub for Robby.

Naked boy running around at night in our backyard? You've seen worse. No biggie.

Our bathroom is small, but was such a horrible layout for two people to try to be in at the same time. When the dust settles....we hope for something along the lines of this (with tub/tiled shelf and window in this position)  IMG_3939-1-3-2_rect540