Tennis Season comes to an end

We took the Gallup Poll's StrengthsFinders test with our staff team this past year. My number 2 strength came back Competition. Hmmm. Sounds about right. Rob and I took up tennis this past Fall (Rob is excellent and his father, about his age, won the Policeman Olympics in Racketball in Cinci). We took 6 week lessons and then joined the USTA and played the tail league this Summer from the first week of May until this past weekend twice a week.

I LOVED it. I mean, LOVE. I loved improving. I loved serving. I loved finally holding the racket right and seeing major ground stroke wins. I loved running to the net and getting the angle right. I loved everything about it in a different way than any other sport. I think because my match was my match - and I had to strengthen my mind and mentally choose to play my best. Something about this kind of challenge.

I went my first season 12-1. Our team made it to the District Finals yesterday which was very exciting! I won my match, but our team lost overall - with a great ending.

May you find something that feeds your strengths. Maybe you have tried something new lately that you LOVE - care to share?