Uniform Project

I'm kinda obsessed. This is really fun. Anyone want to cast a vote for me to do this? Kinda superdeduper want to. (Fashion challenge meets minimalist meets raising funds....so fun.)

Like how I wanted to take all of my clothes and only have enough to pack in a suitcase, like THIS. She did a similar project but is on to having one suitcase of clothing in her life.

Or I looked in our studio/office the other day and wanted to give it all away. Just pack it up and send it off.

Or can you believe I picked up two fantastic chairs off the side of the road (would need to recover...but hey, their form is great...like the Vintage Vulture that I am) but thought: I just don't need them and am seeking to give them away?

I would love to give children in the slums of India a chance to be educated through Akanksha. That is awesome.

And - talk about a conversation starter! "Didn't you wear that dress....like for the past 3 months?"

I also really resonate with what the Brown Dress Girl said about the lie that our culture says the only way to "express ourselves" as women is through fashion and clothing. I do think that's crap.

Anywhoooo.....wanting to make more babies, fashion dilemmas and a real desire to just save the world all on this lil blog. Hey, you there - please step off my Wonder Woman cape. You're holding me down.