One Dress. One Half of Year: Simplify and Give.

Well - i am thinking 6 months. October through March. The hot months overwhelm me as a mom, an athlete, a gardener - most of the hotter days I live in athletic gear. And I have already found 6 women to join me for a month of it each time (or are on the fence and need to fall off on my side) and I could use even more!

Thanks: Sarah, Robyn, Sarah, Sandy, Kelly and Amber for giving me a "I am pretty sure!!!"

My "campaign" is this: Simplify and Give.

That's what I want to do. I want to spend less, have less (give 2 pieces of clothing away a week during this 6 months) and give more (give away what I would have spent on clothing.)

You may think I am bowing out...."What happened to the whole year, Ame? Come on....woose. Coward." Not sure what to tell you. You do it the whole year? I can barely find anyone willing to even consider doing a month. But I digress. I am arguing with no one. Probably just my inner competitive self that saw that it had been done and competitively wanted to rise to the challenge. Maybe once I'm done with the playing-on-the-floor stage of motherhood I will do a whole year.

For now, 6 months to start (who knows, I could go longer) I am still VERY excited and looking forward to LESS.

Come on, dress pattern, get here!

PS....I admit I am nervous about feeling beautiful in this's not too flattering of a form (but can be with a belt and accessories), so I also have my eyes peeled for another versatile, well-made, reasonable priced dress, button down dress.... 7614e808-024f-4f00-b3de-ec72a5bb5f40_Sept_07_v1_D