I'll be "back" to normal soon...

You know you're 30 (one) when you have a herniated disc. How humbling. Flat on your back, needing major help. Unable to allow your little boy to climb on you to read - he has to climb over the arm of the chair and slither in beside you. I was dumb. Let's first establish that. I took the slogan "push through the pain" to a stupid level. How's a girl supposed to know when that was the athletic slogan that she grew up with?

I stood up wrong on Friday. Eek. A little sore in the back. I have felt that before and walked it out. No problem.

Saturday....do some stretching...a little bit better.

Sunday...let's play some tennis, babe!

Poor choice.

45 minutes later I am aching. 2 hours later I cannot seem to walk well. This is a problem. Monday morning I am alarmed. I cannot make it down the stairs. Really slow. Why is my pain now shooting down my thighs?

Called my Physical Theriapist sis in law. She advised well. Ended up seeing my Doctor: Herniated disc is the suspected issue. This is a 9 kinda of pain. Breathing through it. Clenching teeth. Fighting tears. Pain.

Got some muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds. Some stretches. Down to a 4 just a few hours ago on the pain scale.

I am sad that so many of you can identify with me because of car accidents, chronic pain, disease, and lingering questions: will I ever be back to normal? I hope we are. If not now, in a future, better life.

I am determined to rest. (is that an oxymoron?)

I am determined to play down the road.

I am determined to be (laying on the cheese) "back" to normal soon.

I am practicing thankfulness in this:

I am thankful for: Robby's age. He is able to get in and out of his car seat, bed, chair - he is ok without me holding him, carrying him.

I am thankful for: my gracious husband who is fine with an out of control kitchen/living/bedroom.

I am thankful for: free professional advice.

I am thankful for: a staff team that lets me contribute while lying on the floor in the conference room! (ha. I've now nursed a baby and laid on the floor during a professional staff meeting. awesomesauce.)

Robby prayed tonight: Dear Jesus. Heal Momma's back. Amen.