Women's Weekend 2010!

This weekend is Cru's annual Women's Weekend. We usually take about 60 college women away to Camp Mawana (it's beautiful) and talk about the deeper things of life. There is a variety of students there with various backgrounds and beliefs on God. It's a blast! I am speaking tonight on Offering our Beauty and sharing the story of the only time Jesus uses the word "beautiful": when Mary pours a year's salary worth of perfume on Jesus' grimy, stinky feet. Then she wipes them with her lovely locks. It's a sweet moment. You can read it for yourself in either: John 12 or Matthew 16.

If you are the praying kind - go for it! I could use it for my back and for my friends' ears to be open to hearing new thoughts on God.

Robby will head to Grandma and Granpa's for the night....how sweet: butterfly