Spiritual Parenthood

"There's nothing you can ever do that will make me love you less." - Rob Bell to his son. That's such a sweet, secure gift to say to your child. And it is totally true. There is nothing Robby could do to make me love him less. And he has his MOMENTS (like, say, kicking me in the face)

No other human relationships seems to parallel the God-Human relationships like parenting. As I love my son, for the mere fact that he is mine - not based on anything he can do for me (what would that be?) - I taste what it means for God to love me. For the mere fact that He created me. He made me. I am His.

And God wants to relate with me, to walk out life with me, to love me. Not based on what I can do for Him. Or what I could ever offer (what would that be?) to Him. He has a good plan for me, like I do for Robby. He loves me, even in my tantrums, like I do Robby. He is so proud of me, like I am of Robby. He wants me to want to be with Him - and not just for the treats I am asking for, like I want Robby to want to be with me, not just for cookies or toys or something new and shiny.

Parenthood is one of the most spiritual things I have been able to do. What a gift. (For those of you who desire it, I wish it for you, dear reader. May He bring that to you.)