One Dress. One Half Year. Coming soon...

Many of you have been asking: where's the dress? I am just as anxious as you are - and I just got word that the pattern will be mailed Monday. Should get it this week. Then about 1-2 weeks to make it, (Mom? Help!) I am shooting for Nov. 1 to start. Soon I will have a page on my website to give to The Daughter Project and ways for me to give you outfit updates. I am looking forward to Less. And I think I have 6 women to join me for each month...anyone else?

Fun thing: ran into an editor of a Raleigh magazine in fashion and we got to talking about this - she's going to cover my friend, Jenn and her month with me. Gotta love wearing the same mustard mary jane shoes to strike up a convo.

Why did it take so long to get my pattern? 49a0f144-99cd-4df6-a66f-7b058f1e6644_Nov_3_v2_D