I Want to Sing

Facts: I have always wanted to sing. I like singing. I love music. I think we all have a little something to offer through our voice. I like the stage (once I'm up there). I fell in love with a man with a guitar in his hand. I want to sing. For real.

It's been on the secret bucket list in my head for years: Learn to sing. Humble yourself and bare your voice in front of someone very skilled in this area. He or she may stifle a laugh at first (what good teacher would actually laugh in your face, right?) and may take a deeper breath than one would prefer. But try it, for goodness sake. What is there to lose?

And so, I have begun. I have taken about 10 lessons with Aaron, a vocal performance major at BGSU who was, coincidentally, looking to teach someone how to sing with zero musical background for one of his classes. Bingo. A match was made and we are on a mission: Find. Amy's. Voice.

I have discovered that I am a soprano. Really? Yes.

I have learned how completely holistic and physically taxing singing can be.

I have heard, week after week, that it's all about breathing. (And I thought my marathon was hard.)

I have accepted that learning to sing is a journey, like anything else you are not naturally inclined to "just pick up." Which, to be honest, I usually stick to what is natural and try to excel there. This is a new ball game. I like the challenge.

Singers: I applaud you. Musicians: I love you and want to be like you. Listeners of music: join in! You may too discover you are a "soprano" with a "beautiful voice." I just do NOT believe that yet. But that's what Aaron says.

What Aaron do you need to find that will believe in your weakness?

And here's a few dress days....


Amber came to visit and we rocked our dresses together...isn't she cute? She's halfway done...whose next with me?

dressthankgivingThis Thanksgiving Day dress was powered by Jenn Cribbs: great skirt, gfriend!


This dress was powered by Sandy: thanks for the borrowed shirt! Love it.

photo1I'm kinda into leg warmers.