CNN Interview this Weekend

40 days to go. 40!?! That's nothing. A cake walk. I gotta tell ya - I am getting excited to not wear gray with the coming of tulips, sunshine and warmer days. And this little gray dress keeps getting a bit littler - the last few washes and dries have made it a wee bit shorter than before. Come on, gray dress, you can do it. For the daughters. This weekend CNN is coming to interview me, along with Jeff (director of TDP) to be included in their Freedom Project. What is the Freedom Project? If you haven't heard - check it out.

I will keep you posted about when we will be on. In other news, last week I spoke at Tiffin University about my dress project and I speak at a BGSU's social work program on my journey. May redemption reign and awareness spread. I like how one of the employees put it at Second Chance in Toledo: "Awareness gives us the light to help navigate an otherwise very dark road."

Here's some latest dress moves.



Baby bump! 14 weeks.

dress5Still in normal jeans ;).


One of my favorite sorority gals - who had no idea I had been wearing the dress until I mentioned it halfway through...