16 days to go....

and this dress is really getting see-through, bleach splotched and now has a nice little hole (how? where?) in the upper middle back section. For the daughters. Here's a TDP fact for why they exist:

Most of the girls we are planning to help have not experienced the joy of a wonderful & intimate love shared with family & close friends.  That is why one of our goals at TDP is to help them develop this kind of relationship.  Rescuing them from physical slavery and abuse is only the first step of the recovery process.  The many steps that follow include; giving them a safe place to live, providing them with counseling opportunities, meeting their physical needs and living in loving relationship with them so they can begin to see that trusting and loving someone is possible.  We want them to know that God says they are not a slave but a child.  This is our plan and we encourage you to join our TDP family so you can help us see this plan accomplished.

justme(no one home but me....)