Sand, Surf and Sun

Robby is getting more adventurous with each day on the beach. He ate his first few fist-fulls of sand. The kind that looks like it might be a yummy biscuit, all clumpy and nice. Yep, he ate it. And didn't seem to not like it.  But daddy made some sandcastles and truckloads of sand for distraction. We learned a few essentials for the beach with a one-year old:

  • A bucket of water to wash off his hands before he rubs sand in his eyes and cries
  • An umbrella for shade
  • A clean towel to wrap him in for naps on the beach (which he took was great)
  • Snacks for after the nap plus icecold water
  • Aunts and uncles to kiss him and hold him when we are in the surf

I am so glad he likes the beach. He sat with grandma near the waves and let them lap at his toes. Sweet guy.robbyanddaddybeach.jpgrobbyonthebeachatnc.jpg