Breakfast on the beach before van breaks down.

Sounds like a headliner to a newspaper article. Could've been. Before we left, we had a meal together on the deck that overlooked the ocean. What a view.  Not soon after, our next momentous view was on the side of the road on I-64 West as we headed home.

Stranded. Stuck. Hot.

We had 8 of us driving back in Rob's parent's Big Van (15 passenger Ford) and it lost it's power steering on the highway. Kinda scary. We then all piled out of the driver's seat and stood there, calling family, AAA, taxis and whoever would listen.

We were that family.

Long story short, we stayed a night in a Holiday Inn, waiting for the van to get fixed, but never did. We left it for dead (well, it just felt that way) at the Ford dealership and rented a car. We got back into town on Monday - what should have been Saturday.

Ahhhh.....traveling with a one year old. Actually, he was really great. Slept in a hotel closet and was a real trooper.

The closet door was open, don't worry.