The Jet

Let's talk about The Jet. My husband loves the process of building over even the actual end product. I like the product and don't really give a rip about the process. A real pair, we are. Rob asked Robby what he wanted to be for Halloween this year. Instant response: "A Jet!"


Rob proceeded to draw two kinds of jets he would make. Robby chose one. The next thing we know Rob has a 3 D model of the jet and his plan. The only hitch - the nosecone. How does one make a nosecone?

After raiding the recycling center (is this illegal?) for amazing cardboard, Rob created The Jet out various supplies, duct tape and finally spray paint and printed out decals. The nosecone? A nerf football. Perfect. Whattaguy. (All while our newborn is going through some major fussy stages from 6-11p at night...he would work on the jet in between holding her or walking with her on the treadmill.)