Half a Year!

How is my daughter 6 months old? IMG_3832

Things I've learned as a Momma of 2 (that I can remember:)

-We are so much more chill with baby 2! Everything feels like riding a bike again, thankfully.

-Since Robby was 4.5 when another came into our family...we have had our fair share of adjusting his alone time with us now  - but it has become really special...and he doesn't feel "kicked out" of baby hood.....when I was initially very sad with this large gap between them

-I have really different dreams, hopes and feelings for each gender, (who knew!)

-I am completely in love with the baby stage because I know it goes so fast - with Robby's infancy I really wasn't confident we would ever sleep again

-I have far less time alone than I thought, but more productivity with that time - amazing how that happens

-10 minutes is really enough time at the end of the day to tidy up a house! (more on 10 Minute Tidy's coming)

-Siblings are a true gift (Robby is so proud of his big brother status, but even more proud of Olive) and I feel so full of thanksgiving for our LONG journey for each one

What have you learned in your stage of life in the last half year?