Mischievous Eyes....

I love that my kiddos have a "look"....check out Robby and Olive around the same age. Aren't they little edible turkeys? Those eyes....Seiffert eyes. I had to pull up a photo to compare....same sweet gooey yummy baby love! And the top one is now using those eyes to read!  Can you believe how time flies? robby

Robby around 8 months.

IMG_4042Olive around 8 months (taken a few days ago)

Speaking of reading....I have started our kindergarten book for reading this summer because I think he's ready (which he has proven to be so - hard work of 10 minutes a day - but he's doing it!). But the book we have has a cover that I am judging it by. And so was Robby.

Each time we pulled it out - he wouldn't want to open it - BORING. Nobody is having fun in that book!


Ok, so let's try a little cover switch.....and wham! he is up for reading - because Spiderman can!


I judge wine and books by the labels....and you call me a Literature major. Eek. It's true. I am totally swayed by aesthetics. I was an art minor. Whatsagirltodo.

Anything you recently changed the "cover" of to make it more appealing?