Bath Cards

How many times will we revisit bath time issues and solutions? Hopefully never. Here's your only, number one, bath time problem solving need! Buy my product and you will save! You will save tears! Battles! Excuses! Look no further!

(Convinced? Ask me in a week.....)


We have been doing these cards for one week after I declared to Rob: "I refuse to bathe our son anymore. I don't like the desire to throw him out the bathroom window. I'm done. What is our solution?" (Surprisingly, this was pretty calmly stated.....but never fear, those who struggle with anger issues, I'll confess my next scary moment when it rears it's ugly  head)

We wanted to visually show our 5 year old boy that he will have things removed if he cannot wash himself cheerfully and thoroughly. And no, it is not too much to ask. This boy can build intricate, amazing lego ships. He can use a big cloth square to cleanse each body part.

If he complains, gives an excuse, or any other offense...we turn over a card. Nothing even needs to be said. Brilliant. Cards are:


No bed time snack

No Jesus Story book bedtime story (are we using Jesus as collateral? Yes.....he loves Him.)

Right to bed

The last 4 baths have been pretty amazing. We've gone through chocolate chip baths and other tactics, and it's time for a new one, where he washes, he dumps the water, he is in charge. He is taking it like a BOSS.

They are only $24.99! If you act now, I'll even do them on unused paper! Unlike the original scrap pape!.