Dinner Drama

Unknown Well...I'm happy to report that the Bath Time Cards are a MAJOR success in our household. Praise God! He washes his hair with enthusiasm and vigor! Dumps 10-12 full cups of water all over his head! It really is something. I have NEVER turned a card over. Just picked it up to do so and he got right to work.

So now..... dinner drama. I am making a "call for entries" on this one: What is your dinner eating rule in your house?

What we have tried: One to five bites of everything (a no thank you bite)...and then a pb and honey grace sandwich for dinner. And all the veggies you can eat, wink. BUT I want to teach him that what I've made...this is dinner. I am a short order cook for 2 meals a day...but dinner....we are all eating the same thing on this one. Hard core? Unkind? Ridiculous?