Project Spoken Word

Did you know that the US has a "Poet Laureate"? She or he serves as the nation's official poet and seeks to raise the national consciousness to a greater appreciation of the reading and writing of poetry. I felt like the IndyCC Poet Laureate this past week at our Regional Cru Christmas Conference....such an honor.

2300 students. Ready to learn more about God. The title of the week: Immerse.

They asked me to kick off the conference as a call to ready your hearts. And then they gave me a real challenge: listen to the conference speakers and tie it all together as a wrap up to the week. I mirrored quite a bit from the first, but added in key phrases and big ideas from each speaker. Feel free to watch.....3 minutes each....(give it a few seconds in the dark and then I'll be lit)


Watch here Session 1


Watch Last Session Here.