I used to get frustrated with moms who forgot how long each baby phase lasted when I asked  - because I wanted hope. I wanted camaraderie.

I wanted something.

But here I am with baby three.

Judah is 8 months old and we have gone from a few months of not sleeping...to solid sweet sleep. We have gone through a few months of him laying where you put him, to moving and pushing and rolling anywhere. We have gone from no teeth to two...(with a few nursing bites! Yow!) We have gone from feeding for 40 minutes every 3 hours to eating for about 6 minutes total every 4 hours with solids in between. We have gone from laying flat to sitting up and reaching, grabbing, cooing. We have gone from no smiles (when will he smile?!) to unprompted giggles at his siblings.

The first 12 months are incredibly fluid (pun intended). It's fast and I can't keep up...let alone remember when we passed from one phase to the next.

So here's to grace in the game.

To mercy in the passing months.

To peace in the process.