We have determined that we have a really happy guy. He just chills, smiles, coos and is now giggling. I realized what a great disposition he had after he got his 4 month old shots. It was the first time that he was fussy throughout the day. I didn't know what to do with myself. I kept thinking how I really feel for young parents with colicky babies or grumpy babies or babies who just cry. Just one day of fussyness was enough for me. He ran a fever after the shots and was cranky....but just about 24 hours of that. He's just a happy little man.


Robby has also started to sleep better (and since I have given up trying to figure out a "schedule" for him - this has also relaxed our home), only getting up once to eat and one to two more times during the end of sleep cycle, but will go right back down.

My favorite is when I am putting him down for a nap, and as I am leaving the room I tell him that "It's time to sleep." He just looks at me and flashes this big old hi-mom-i-still-see-you-and-i-would-like-to-play-some-more-smile.

How can I pretend I didn't see that so he'll sleep? Turkey.