Big News!

Ok....I know I can be extreme...but I really thought Robby would never roll over from his belly to his back. He hates being on his tummy for over 6 minutes - wails his head off until you roll him over yourself. Not so interested in rolling. Until today.

I put him on his tummy, once again, just because it's good for him. Tough love at the Seiffert house. And a few minutes later as I am cleaning the tub, I just here this one big "Huh!" and he had pushed himself to the side...and a few seconds later....rolled on over to his back to face his favorite cow on his play mat! He looked surprised and then delighted. I started screaming with delight and I think I frightened him.

Called his dad. Ran for the camera. He did it!

We then took the next 15 minutes and rolled around on the floor a few more times. It's so great. Great job, Robby. Sorry I didn't believe in you. :)

Here's the play by play....