The Stomach Flu + Strep Throat = Early November

We got hit. Hard.

But now it's all a vague, creamy dream. One week. Stomach flu all around. (Ever heard a grown man lose his lunch?...eek.) And then Strep for Robby and I just 3 days later. "Come on, Man!" As Chris Berman might say on Monday nights.

We survived...and dare I say...thrived? I had a speaking engagement 1 day after my head was in the toilet at the OSU Fall Retreat for their Cru in Columbus. I rose up, spoke, spent myself, and then felt my ears ringing and my throat aching to the beat of Strep Throat.

But we are all better now.


You can come over.


I've lysoled, cleaned, wiped, mopped......

(Me: speaking at OSU's retreat 2 days after flu)

(Me and Robby: the next day after retreat...cold items for throats were the best)