Making Beauty

It was just how I imagined and better. 40 dancing candles that swayed to the melodies of guitar and piano and her voice like butter in my living was happening before our eyes. At one point I leaned over to my husband, while watching the cocoa-colored wood floor shake with the drum beat: "They are chasing out any demons in these walls and floors that have wanted to keep house in our 100 year old has won here tonight." (Another musician friend said  "I always feel music is good for walls and ceilings and floors. Everything is vibrating and good music just makes everything feel better when you walk in.")

Our first living room concert on February 27 was charming and cozy and intimate and healing. As a young couple was leaving they said they needed this tonight and were thankful for the gift we brought.

Thank you, Tasha and Justin, for making life in our home. For nourishing beauty. For bringing Spring prematurely. For singing your heart out and then beckoning us to join you as we laughed/sang our way through the 80's tune: "I think we're alone now". God bless Tiffany.

Here's a few shots from M. Cable our photographer for the evening:

that's Rob and I in the seats in the house. all this while our sweet son is asleep through the music!