Birthday Boy!

robby 3 years ago I woke up to the warm, distinct feeling of too much liquid to be a "Whoops! I wet the bed. Bummer." kind of liquid.

No, no, good people. This was my water breaking. And Robby was 6 weeks early. Just 6 hours later: here he was. 23 NICU days later, he came home. Wow. (My bottom kinda tingles just thinking about it.)

What a wild ride. Really, this should be called: Happy Birthing Day, Mom. You really did it. son....what a gift! And certainly worth a bed wetting.

Each birthday we want to celebrate him - and give him a new responsibility and a new privilege.

This year's privilege and responsibility are one and the same (pretty typical): A big boy toddler bed!

His privilege - he can get into and out of his bed on his own. Reading in his bed for fun, snuggling with Momman in his bed, etc.

His responsibility: staying put until he calls for me and I can tell him he can come out of his room.

Another responsibility (that we need to add a privilege for): he will now wash his own hands.

He has always asked me to help him and claims he cannot do it. But magically, today, he has grown the 3 year old ability to rub his own two little palms together! Miracle! Amazing! What a wonder boy! (wink).

Any privilege/responsibility ideas for our little boy?

(He also got a new big Lighting McQueen Mac Truck at breakfast well as we own our first Seiffert pet - a Gouldian Finch! He named our sweet, small bird....ready? Josh. Josh the Finch. Ha! What?......more on that later.....and more fun to go this afternoon....icecream, a bike ride, the sprinkler....he also asked to go to the Goodwill...that's my boy)