Day 2: The Simplified Mind

The Simplify Project: Daily 10 Minute Mind Moment

Tuesday : Outside and Unplugged

Today’s ten minutes are outside and unplugged. Leave your phone and bring yourself outside for ten little minutes. Your goal: Observe what’s happening around you. Look at the stars, the clouds, the effects of the wind. Take long big inhales and long big exhales. Let yourself and nature be in it together.

If you are up early…find a coat or a blanket, get your coffee, and sit on your back porch. Or take ten minutes at your lunch break or nap time.

May peace be with you. May a brain break bring joy. May an observance of how small you are and how grand the world is bring levity. Breathe. Feel the space away from the clatter.

Today’s Song to fill your mind: Yes I will.

See you tomorrow!


Amy Seiffert