Day 3: The Simplified Mind

The Simplify Project: Daily 10 Minute Mind Moment

Wednesday : 21 Things

Today’s ten minutes are simply counting your blessings. Open the drawers in your mind to find  21 things you are grateful for. Start with small things. Coffee. A warm house. Shoes. Move to larger gifts in your life. Number them 1-21 and write them all down. Look at your list and see how FULL your life is, how much you have and hold, how much goodness is there! Smile and thank God for all His gifts!

If it feels fun, take a picture and share on social media about this experience and what you found. Gratitude is contagious and you can spread joy!

Today’s song to listen to during your simplifying mind time: Need You More by Will Reagan.

See you tomorrow!


Amy Seiffert