Day 4: The Simplified Mind

The Simplify Project: Daily 10 Minute Mind Moment

Thursday: Palms Down, Palms Up

Today’s ten minutes are quiet and we’ll use our hands as well as our minds.

Sit somewhere quiet. Put your palms facing down and open. Name all the things you’d like to release and let go of: stress, anxiety, grief, pain, the fight you had with your husband, the grocery list, the looming hard conversation you need to have, the job interview, your schedule, the big meeting….whatever you need to stop trying to control. Let it go. Take your time.

Then turn your palms up and you are ready to receive. Ask God to fill them with Him and His goodness. With faith. Hope. Love. Joy. The Spirit of God. Wisdom. Peace. Whatever comes to mind that is good, be open to holding those now that you’ve emptied your hands. Breathe.

*If meditation seems strange or foreign, I have a post on Christian meditation here.

Today’s song: Lay It All Down by Will Reagan

See you tomorrow!


Amy Seiffert