Gratitude Challenge Day 3

Encouragement: Unexpected gifts are the best. Whether it’s a kind word from a woman at the grocery store or a friend randomly stopping by your house with coffee and a scone. Acts of kindness come from a place of gratitude. The gift given says that the receiver is seen and valued. Which is THE best. Let’s be life-givers and light-shiners. When we lift up others, we rise ourselves. It’s amazing how sacrificing for others actually gives us life, whether with a word or in deed.

The greatest among you will be your servant.
— Matthew 23:11

Challenge: Think of one person you can give a gift to today. It does not need to be expensive. Get creative. Is there a tangible need you can meet? Just something to make someone smile? A note? The gift of your words or service or time? Don’t go to bed without doing it. Be thankful for gifts given to you in the past that have made your day.

Amy Seiffert