Gratitude Challenge Day 4

Encouragement: Negativity doesn’t seem to fit very well with gratitude. Unfortunately negativity can spread and permeate the atmosphere quickly. Which is why it’s been hard to Stop, Drop, and Thank or to be purposeful and tell someone why you are thankful for them. We have been out of practice with positivity and thankfulness. But you are doing it! Good job! I am so with you and for you! Keep going. Put on your positive pants and keep removing negativity. Gratitude changes attitudes.

So then we pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another.
— Romans 14:9

Challenge: Remove negativity and toxicity from your life. Delete, unfollow, or clear out a space that is overstuffed in your life today. What just came to mind? Act on that. Be thankful for simplicity and positive people and spaces. 

Amy Seiffert