In This House We Will Giggle

Book Review Day!

I met Courtney DeFeo at She Speaks and her book is just like her: warm, encouraging and light-hearted. All the things she is striving for in her home - and now in ours. "In This House We Will Giggle" is a very practical tool and a fun, easy read. 

I love her concept: 12 virtues, one per month, to focus on, read about, and talk about together. With our children's ages ranging 2-9 years old - even The Littlest is getting some of it! (and teenagers can absolutely benefit - this mom is!)

So we are kicking off our back to school month with her August Virtue: Responsibility.

PERFECT.  We are all cleats and book bags and water bottles and socks around here. Let's take care of ourselves and the stuff God has given us.

She tells you a simple definition and a verse to memorize for the month as well interesting ways to think about this virtue.

Courtney also gives you a great section in each chapter: Catch Phrases for each virtue. It's super helpful to have small phrases in my pocket to say that positively enforces this virtue. 

I'm so thankful for Courtney's creativity and her gift to families. Taking a virtue a month is a pace I can handle  - and these virtues are worth getting a handle on. 


Amy Seiffert