Kindness goes a long way. It's been said that no act of kindness, no matter how small, will be wasted. 

And if you and/or your people are running their mouths and it's getting ugly - it's probably best to just shut 'er down. Close the mouth. Turn it off. Be quiet.

I chalked today's printable in HUGE lettering in the playroom last year. For my CHILDREN.

Joke's on me.

This momma was just as reminded as the rest.

Sure, the little people need to stop the rudeness and the fighting. But when I want to gossip, be careless or shoot sarcastic responses off - then it absolutely applies. If it's not going to be beneficial  - be quiet. 

Are there times I need to vent, be honest, work it out, share what's hard and what hurts to a friend? Yes. To be sure. But I think - more often than not  - we know the difference. I would really want someone to practice this about me....or at least try. And so I'll do it for others.

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Amy Seiffert