"Lunch is hilarious!"

My husband and I went away to a conference this past week for 3 days. I have not ever been away from my three littles for that long - they are 8, 4, 2. They have a lot to say, to do, to try, to eat, to cry about.

But then I get this text from my mom half way through:

They are fun and lunch is hilarious!
— Gaga (Grandma)

Lunch is hilarious? I sat there for seriously a minute and thought...what is funny about lunch with these people? And then I wanted to cry. Big Feeling Moment. 

Lunch IS hilarious - if I stop and listen. If I am not cleaning while they are eating. If I am asking funny questions and playing rhyming games and knock knock jokes and hearing stories of fairies and my daughter's obsession with who is "old" and who is not. What my kiddos are doing or talking about - if there is no agenda but to enjoy them - is, in fact, hilarious. 

And Grandma's and Grandpa's are super good at enjoying small people. They really like them and miss them and know that it goes fast and they are hilarious little humans who are trying out the world each day. 

So I decided when I got back, let's observe and see how funny lunch is. Let's even join in the hilariousness. If mac and cheese is whizzed at another...lighten up. It probably IS hilarious. Yes, yes, we aren't going to make that a practice. But some things said and done in Little Land is really really funny.

Like when she says to me at the table: "Do you hear that bell?" (I heard no bell) "That's coming out of my butt."  Ha! Well, then. Hilarious. 

Yes, I need to clean up the kitchen so we don't get ants or other rodents. Yes, I have to keep things going. But YES I need to enjoy these fine little people. With very little problems and very big loads of fun. 

Here's to hilarious lunches!

Amy Seiffert