Being Celebrated and Bringing Celebration on Mother's Day

What if while moms are being celebrated this Mother's Day - these same moms also bring the celebration? What if we brought celebration to our own kids - telling them how fantastic they are? What if we wake up with a purpose in our heart to squeeze, kiss, tickle, lounge with and celebrate the ones who made us moms?

Because, let's be real. I'm kinda over Mother's Day being a disappointment in my life. I'm pretty sure that's my own fault, not the little people's or their dad. I'm not sure what I was expecting. (Well, I think I was expecting a parade and a day off and the gift I hadn't told anyone about but hoped they knew all about and who knows what other things were secretly lurking in my Mother's Day Hope Chest.) 

So what if we brought the party instead?

What if moms brought the celebration to the worn-hard places of being feminine? Embracing the women around them who want to be moms but are not or cannot. Sending notes of affection to those who have lost a child. Celebrating the ones who keep navigating the lonely waters of grief after the loss of their moms. Or the dream of their moms being all they could be to them.

Being celebrated and bringing celebration. Both beautiful. Both good and lovely. Both can coexist.

But Iā€™m willing to wager that the latter may bring the joy we are looking for in our anticipation of the former.

My three kid's kisses and sweet lopsided cards and sideways plants (is that a plant?) and silly dirty faces are exactly what I want  - what I plan to celebrate. I think I'll also celebrate, with a delicacy, those who long to be moms but aren't. I know your path. I think your walk is noble and beautiful and hard. I see you and I am for you. 

Maybe you're thinking: but that's all I do! I bring food to my people, bring them to practice, bring them clean laundry, bring them financial stability and now you want me to bring my own celebration? 


Did you catch it? It's not a celebration of you. It's a celebration of others you are bringing. It's an upside down way of thinking. Celebrating your people and your girlfriends. But it is actually the best way to live. Try it and let me know. 

Let's bring celebration to others, y'all.  

Amy Seiffert