The Simplified Soul: Silence


This is our last day of simplifying the soul. Next week? Simplifying the Clutter. You have done amazing work!

Today, silence.

We are here, there, everywhere. And we have forgotten how to sit, to be silent, to soak up the goodness around us, to be in one spot for one time.

I love how James Bryan Smith puts it, “Our world is noisy and hurried, and few of us stop to be still. The God who is good can only reach us when we are quiet. To paraphrase the psalmist, we must be “still” to know that God is ”good.” Get a cup of something warm and delicious, find a comfortable chair, and just sit quietly. That is all. It is not terribly difficult, but it yields great benefits. Look for little free spaces in your day, such as a break between activities. Leave for your next appointment a little bit sooner so that you arrive you will have spare time to find a quiet place and just be. Thoughts running through your mind is normal. Your mind is used to solving problems, not being still. Have a notepad nearby to jot down things that come into your mind or things that need to be done. You can ease into your five minutes by reading the Bible for a minute to start.”

I have been practicing 5 minute moments of silence the past few weeks and I love the fruit in my life! I am a bit slower for the next hour. I am quieter. I am more mindful. Enjoy!

Good work and chin up,


Amy Seiffert