The Spirituality of Motherhood

This one is for those of us who are moms, who are married to a wife who is a mom, who have moms, and who long to be moms. I think that just about covers EVERYONE.

I preached this sermon at our church a few weeks ago and I wanted to share. The first 2 minutes are cut we start right in with my first point. I had 4 points for this message:

God has a tenderhearted grace for mothers:

1. By God's grace, God chose a mother to bring about salvation
2. God's grace is enough for our motherhood
3. By God's grace, we are in the image of God as we maintain and sustain our family
4. God's grace can make beauty from the ashes of our expectations

ALSO: if your church, women's group, MOPS or retreat needs a teacher/speaker - I would love to see the stars align and come speak for you! Just shoot me an email: and we can talk. My schedule is limited but my heart is willing. 

Amy Seiffert