Episode 09 | Motherhood with Alli Patterson


Who doesn't want to hear from a mom who kick boxes, loves baking, and is finishing her masters degree at Dallas Theological Seminary talk about motherhood? Allie Patterson has fantastic thoughts as one of the teaching pastors at Crossroads Church in Cincinatti, OH. She is practical, brilliant, and with four kids–she definitely has a thing or two to say about motherhood!


Allie is a wife of nearly 20 years and mother to 4 kids: Andrew (12), Luke (10), Zoe (8) and Hope (7). She is a Teaching Pastor at Crossroads Church and the Developer and co-host of IKR?, a podcast for women. She is a writer and passionate Bible teacher even to people who don’t like to read the Bible. She is currently finishing her masters program at Dallas Theological Seminary so her circus includes her family of six, a job and school... not to mention a community of friends and extended family. She loves to run, kick box, read, and bake. (But hates to cook!). She also hates big parties, making small talk and the era of skinny jeans.

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