Episode 10 | Motherhood with Craig Flack

Yes we did. We invited a man to talk about motherhood and we went places we never thought we’d go! It was an absolute blast! You do NOT want to miss this one. Craig Flack is the teaching pastor at Celina First and a return guest–because so many of you enjoyed him the first time! He’s hilarious, a straight shooter, and has provocative thoughts for our culture. 

Just fair warning, when we ask Craig our last question, if you have little ears around we want you to know we dive into sexual intimacy and very real talk. It’s the last ten minutes or so. We love being real, but we also want to be sensitive. We want you to be able to decide what conversations you want to start with your children and not have them started for you.

On the show Craig talks about healthy sacrificial love toward our children and the kind of sacrifice that is very unhealthy in our culture. He demystifies date night and he also shares a few ways that he adores how his own wife lives out her motherhood! It’s the beeeest. Enjoy!


Craig began serving as the Teaching Pastor of Celina First Church of God in January of 2016. He married his beautiful wife, Becca, in 2009 and they have two children, Elsie & Lincoln. He is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and Winebrenner Theological Seminary where he earned a BA in History and a Masters of Divinity respectively. Some of Craig’s hobbies include, woodworking, golf, and Ohio State Football. Finally, he believes two very important things, life is too short for bad coffee or small TVs.  

Also, for his loud but quiet hobby, Craig makes some killer creations in his wood shop. Go check him out on Instagram @freakin_beautiful_woodshop

*A resource Craig highly recommends from our show: "Sacred Sex: A Spiritual Celebration of Oneness in Marriage" by Tim Alan Gardner 

Amy Seiffert