Episode 21: Tackling Tough Topics: Marriage & Family with Krista Cassell

“The unfortunate thing is that married couples come in about ten years too late.” This is a consistent pattern that marriage and family life coach and counselor Krista Cassell is seeing in our marriage culture. Why is that? What is the first step back toward one another when contempt has crept in? Let’s talk! Also. We’ll talk about double bacon croissants, saltwater cleanses, and eroded trust in marriages and rebuilding that trust! All completely related, obviously.

Krista Cassell is a Board Certified Biblical Counselor (BCBC) and Board Certified Christian Life Coach (BCLC) who graduated from Light University with a Masters diploma in Biblical Counseling, specializing in adolescents. She received her Board Certification in both counseling and coaching through the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Although Krista counsels and coaches families and individuals in all walks of life, she is most passionate about working with hurting families struggling with difficult relationship and behavioral issues. Her passion developed through her personal experience within her own family. Having a child with a mis-diagnosed neurobiological disorder for many years, she has a heartfelt interest in helping families who share the same struggles and want to seek restoration and healing. Krista is trained in the Love and Logic parenting curriculum, which provides practical tools and techniques that help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children.


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