Bonus Episode 20: Valentine's Day on Sex & Marriage


It’s Valentine’s Day! So we put together a good, honest bonus episode about marriage and sex. Nothing is off limits under The Big Top. Today we have a bonus guest with us as well, none other than Pastor Craig Flack. He is the Teaching Pastor at Celina First Church of God and we have had him on before to tackle some tough topics. We love his candid, funny, and God-honoring nature. We talk about why sex seems so very complicated, what we can do to improve this sacred space, and what Craig (from his years of pastoral marital counseling) sees as some steps we can take to redeem the broken places.

Craig began serving as the Teaching Pastor of Celina First Church of God in January of 2016. He married his beautiful wife, Becca, in 2009 and they have two children, Elsie & Lincoln. He is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and Winebrenner Theological Seminary where he earned a BA in History and a Masters of Divinity respectively. Some of Craig’s hobbies include, woodworking, golf, and Ohio State Football. Finally, he believes two very important things, life is too short for bad coffee or small TVs.  

Also, for his loud but quiet hobby, Craig makes some killer creations in his wood shop. Go check him out on Instagram @freakin_beautiful_woodshop

Amy Seiffert