Gratitude and a Break

Thank you. Thank you for all the individual emails, facebooks, texts, hugs and offers for help. I am full of gratitude. I feel normal and validated and commiserated with - even if it doesn't solve anything. I am not alone, and it brings hope.

And actually, the last 2 nights have been SO much better. We have no idea why, but she has calmed down. Possible reasons:

-This is week 3 of Zantac. Could be finally kicking in.


-I am dairy free and gluten free. Her body could be settling down from a potential allergy. I am going to reintroduce things next week.


-We saw a lactation consultant who gave me a few different holds for her in light of my rapid-speed let down. Apparently, I am spraying her and she is choking on milk - something she has to grow into getting. Better that than no milk. I was the same way with Robby. I actually have to feed her when she is mostly asleep and just waking up. She's not frustrated then.


-Have you ever heard of the Wonder Weeks? I think she is in a mental leap and we are in one of the wonder weeks of an infant.... I also installed a Wonder Weeks Iphone App - pretty handy and helpful! Never heard of this until a few days ago.

Either way, we have had a 2 night break. We had a fun new couple over to laugh and feel normal with...telling them we might be pacing with our crying infant but we want to hang out anyway. We both put Robby to bed, like old times, and she snoozed, too.  It has been really sweet. As I type, we are on night 3 of not passing her back and forth - she is asleep in her carseat which is in her crib. Hopefully....

And today we dedicated Olive to the Lord at church. This just means we publicly committed to raising Olive unto Jesus and His ways and His path and His word in community with His people. Here's a few shots of her on her Dedication Day: She's 6 weeks old and giving us fantastic smiles!