The Daughter Project Update

A painter has volunteered to spray prime the whole house and his supplier has donated 40 gallons of ceiling paint!
Our Adopt-A-Daughter Campaign has begun.  Our construction should be done in a few weeks so now we want 1,000 people to Adopt-A-Daughter for $20 a month so we can pay our House Mom salaries and begin helping girls.  Please consider joining our AAD family.
Drywall is done so we can start painting.  Contact us if you have experience painting and want to help.
Meeting with an intern candidate and the director of the Wood County Trafficking Commission this weekend.
Ordering more brochures because our last order of 5,000 is gone!
Talking with several groups next week; SASI at BGSU, a Chicago group that wants to start a home and a Spring Arbor social work class.
Planning contractor thank you dinner and home dedication for November.

For those of you just tuning in...I wore one dress for 6 months straight to raise awareness and money for The Daughter Project in our area. The house is almost done and things are moving! In light of my new seems all the more important to my heart.

-The Adopt a Daughter Program has begun: looking for 1000 people to adopt a daughter for $20/month to pay House Moms and to start helping girls. This is a very practical way to be involved in the rescue in the Toledo area - as many of us have wondered - can I make a drop in the bucket of this heinous crime? Yes.


Here's an interior view...

86 interior drywall-1